Corporate Governance
Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance

Basic Information

English name and abbreviation SHENZHEN SUIJING OPTOELECTRONICS CO., LTD.
Stock code 833423
Legal representative Zhenghanwu
Registered address Bao'an District of Shenzhen City Songgang Street Tan Tong Community Furong Road on the 9th A Building 201
Major products and services LED packaging, specializing in SMD LED product development, production and sales
Sponsor brokers China Merchants Securities Co., Ltd.
Accounting firm Tianjian Certified Public Accountants (Special General Partnership)


One,Shareholders' General Meeting

The shareholders' meeting is the authority of the company. The shareholders' meeting shall make decisions on major matters of the Company according to law, including determining the operating policies and investment plans of the Company, examining and approving the annual financial budget plan and final accounts of the Company, examining and approving the profit distribution plan of the Company and making up the losses, electing and replacing the directors, Supervisors and decide their remuneration, the amendments to the Articles of Association, the shareholders' general meeting, the board of directors and the rules of procedure of the board of supervisors.


Second, the board of directors


The board of directors of the company is the permanent management decision-making body of the company, responsible for the shareholders' meeting, in the "Company Law", "Articles of Association" and the shareholders of the General Assembly within the scope of the exercise of decision-making power. The board of directors of the Company is composed of 9 directors, one chairman and one secretary of the board of directors.


Name position
Zhenghanwu Chairman of the board
Lin Yinghui Director 
Zheng zeiwei Director
Zheng Linger Director
Zhengzhou Director
Li Bing Director
Lu Shuhua Independent director
Xu Xiaosheng Independent director
Song Yuhong Independent director


Third, the board of supervisors


The Company shall set up the Supervisory Committee according to law. The Supervisory Committee shall be entrusted by the Shareholders 'General Meeting to supervise the operation and management of the Company. It is the supervisory organ of the Company and is responsible to the Shareholders' General Meeting.

     The supervisory committee of the Company is composed of three supervisors and one chairman of the board of supervisors.


 Name  position
 Qiu Lin Chairman of the Supervisory Board
 Zhuang Ruzhou  Supervisors
 Chen Chao Shen  Supervisors


Fourth, senior management


General manager and other senior management personnel responsible for organizing the company's management activities. The general manager shall exercise his or her authority mainly in accordance with the laws, regulations, rules and regulations and the articles of association of the company and the authorization of the shareholders' meeting and the board of directors.

 Name  position
Zhenghanwu General manager
Lin Yinghui Deputy general manager
Zou Yuanlin financial manager
Cui Kai Secretary of the Board of Directors


Secretary of the Board of Directors Cui Kai
phone 0755-29491919
fax 0755-29498889
Contact address and zip code Bao'an District, Shenzhen Songgang Street Tan Tou Community No. 9 Furong Road, Building 4, Block B, 518100
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