Company culture
Company culture

Company culture

Entrepreneurial spirit:
Science and technology pilot, integrity - based, pragmatic innovation, the pursuit of excellence;
Science and technology pilot, with innovative thinking, high technology, high standards to create industry boutique;
Integrity-based, to do a business, we must learn to first life;
Pragmatic innovation, every thing every employee is hands-on, personally, from the practice of continuous growth
The pursuit of excellence, keep making progress, excellence
Production concept: safe and high quality, efficient and quick;
Corporate philosophy: integrity, pragmatic, customer satisfaction is our pursuit;
Responsibility: Let every customer satisfaction;
Talent concept: the growth of enterprises from each employee's growth;
Environmental protection concept: the use of limited resources, and more for the human to do a little contribution;
Quality concept: everyone re-quality, little is fine, everywhere for customers, every day innovation;
Service concept: 1% of the complaints, certainly 99% of the results
Company purpose:
Leading low-carbon life, to create core values, among the industry leaders!
Company goals:
Become the industry's most trusted LED production service providers, to create one of the influential international market manufacturers!
Clean building:
Integrity is also the performance of productivity
Clean is the progress of this, style is a personal business card
Non - conflicting mineral procurement policy:
Part of the metal mineral has become the main source of money for the armed rebel groups of the Democratic Republic of Congo, which is used to trade arms and continue its bloody clashes with the government, ravaging local civilians and thus causing international disputes. As a citizen of the world, we declare and promise not to accept the use of metals from conflict mines. Conflict metal: refers to minerals from the conflict zone of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, such as niobium tantalite, cassiterite, black tungsten and gold. These minerals are extracted into ternary (Ta), tin (Sn), tungsten (W) (T), cobalt (Co) and gold (Au), respectively, for electronics and other products.