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Product description

Model: SJ-S306GZW190
Size L * W * H: 3.0 * 0.85 * 0.6
Brightness: 3200
Voltage: 2.7-3.3
Beam angle: 120
Current: 20mA
Applications: mobile phones, flat and other small and medium size backlight
Note: KSF worldwide contains Japanese patented products

High brightness LED light source of low pressure Long life Optional splicing

Spike crystal photoelectric LED


Easy installation, free splicing

Flexible customization, shape and length can be adjusted on demand. Convenient cut mark. Cut parts do not leak,
? ? ? ?Every 6 LED can be cut, the minimum 8CM, cost savings, cut more casual


High frequency electronic ballast. Instant start, the naked eye is not easy to feel strobe.
? ? ?Compared with the ordinary electromagnetic ballast, energy saving up to 30%



Spike crystal

Poor light belt

Not package design, no heat, good chip to create

long life low pressure workGood heat dissipation

Prolong the light life. Lamp life is long

Package plastic design, easy to break and also reduce the light efficiency, increase the complexity of the process,
And then increase the cost, but also obstruction particles heat, reduce product life.

Long life of 20,000 hours


Low-voltage work safe and reliable

Low voltage LED light bar is working at DC 12V-24V operating voltage. Belong to the safety voltage,
? ? ? ? ? ? ?Can be applied to a variety of field. There is no danger to the person

High brightness LED light source

Using ultra-bright LED light source. Long long service life. Flux is 360LM. In terms of comparison,
Use the smaller lamp beads to achieve the same brightness